“Every Life is Precious…Except for Roaches”

It wouldn’t be my life unless I had an emotional run-in with some type of nocturnal rodent, critter, pest at least once a year. I guess today’s my anniversary -_-.

Yesterday marked 6 months in Korea, meaning there are only 6 left to go! Of course, I’m thinking about what my next steps will be. As per usual, I ALWAYS google what pests are prominent in any area I’m going to travel to. People always seem to overlook this minor detail- until they get to their destination and realize they are sorely unprepared! NOT ME! After spending about an hour reading blogs about tree rats and cockroaches the size of small dogs, I shut my computer off. I went to the bathroom before bed and when I turned on the lights, there it was: a huge roach scuttling around the floor! I have to mention that I was topless since my room was hot and was about to hop in the shower AND I was wearing a pair of glasses that are being held together by about three rolls of scotch tape. I scream, my glasses fall off and break into pieces and I can’t seem to find a slipper or shoe to go to town on this thing. Naked, blind, and too scared to move, I did the next best thing: I grabbed a bottle of air freshener and sprayed the roach until it was paralyzed and drowning.

I should also mention that I’ve been on a bit of a “spiritual” kick lately, which means practicing mindfulness and remaining calm instead of freaking out. I decided to let this creature live the rest of its moments out on a sticky trap I keep in the bathroom (I guess it’s not working). I figured that would be better than smashing it to death. So I grab some wet wipes (200 to be exact) and pick the thing up to drop it on the trap. Remember, my glasses are lying in shreds on the floor, so I can’t exactly see what’s going on. I’m shaking the wipe atop the trap and nothing is happening. Then I feel it- or them, I should say. Sticky legs CLUTCHING to my palm. The roach had SOMEHOW shaken off the perfume poison and regained enough strength to escape from the cluster of wet wipes. That’s when the Chicago in me came out….


I grabbed my high heels and just….

Instead of hardwood floors, Korea has this plastic flooring that LOOKS like hardwood floors and they just shape it to your room and basically roll it out. BUT underneath this weird, plastic covering there are bugs. Silverfish, ants, roaches, etc. Sometimes if I move a chair or my desk around, the flooring squishes up and some of the floor is exposed and unless I stick it back in place, a bug or two usually pops up! Lately, there have been more and more sightings of bugs in my place. I’m not sure if it’s because the weather is changing or someone in my building is just a dirty, trash bag human BUT I’m not playing anymore. Tomorrow, I WILL be getting some bug bombs and going to tooooooooown!

Anyways, I mentioned that I have three new co-teachers this term, but I failed to mention that one of the new ones is Lord Voldemort’s good friend  -___-.  She’s been a real treat lately. Not to mention that she’s also two months pregnant and will only get better as those pregnancy hormones start to kick in. I’m sure I’ll have more on her later. Till then, my new mantra while meditating is: 6 months. Om. 6 MONTHS.




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