“Shia LeBeouf Was Right”

Month 7 in Korea- still cold, still getting side eye from my co-workers. As I spend time with more of my fellow English teachers and get to talking, it seems that only a very small group of people have chosen to sign on to stay in Korea for another year. From that small group, only 3 are staying in their current jobs, and the rest are looking into teaching at a university or private tutoring. With that being said, I wanted to talk a little more about following your GUTS and doing what you FEEL is best- always. I distinctly remember a time, about 3 months into moving to Korea, when I stumbled upon a group of other teachers one night. I was just leaving the movies and they were heading to a bar to hang out- totally not my scene. I decided to go, after a little coaxing and we started talking about how work was going and I said, “One of my schools is decent and the other is an actual hell.” They were shocked and started telling me about their plans to stay and how much they were enjoying themselves and my eyes widened. I didn’t understand how we could be having two COMPLETELY different experiences. But then again, as I mentioned in my first post, I tend to pick up the vibe of a situation RIGHT away! Sure enough, fast forward to four months later, and those same people are telling me that they’re DEFINITELY not staying. FINALLY they’ve reached the point that I was at all along.

I’m not happy that they ended up being disappointed, but I am happy that I’m not nuts  -_-. It’s like when you meet someone that your friends say is “cool” and you’re like…are you kidding me? This is the snakiest person I’ve ever met! And then sure enough, that same person ends up being an evil troll and you’re just left giving your friends the white people face:

Image result for white people face

Anyways, I always do what I want to do. I am a firm believer that as long as whatever you want to do doesn’t hurt someone else or stop them from living their life, then that’s it. This means that I don’t always end up taking the conventional route or doing what my parents or family think is “best” BUT it’s always worked out for me. I think I have a pretty good gut instinct about most things and even if they don’t work out perfectly, they always end up leading me to where I’m supposed to get to. You just gotta do what you want to do. The people who don’t do that are usually the ones saying things like, “I would love to travel but I have a kid and REAL responsibilities, etc” and they always say it in a condescending tone, which makes you feel bad and good at the same time. Bad because you know they’re bitter and good because you KNOW they’re bitter and that’s why they’re saying that passive aggressive shit to you!  Side note: these are also the people that invite you to Scentsy parties or some sort of stay-at-home mom-help-me-I’m-bored-and-definitely-sexually-frustrated business scheme they’ve gotten themselves into… Plus, in this life. there’s no reason to not do exactly what you want to do. Seriously. Why wouldn’t you? I meet so many people that are so funny and so talented and they always say things like, “Oh I would love to write” or “I would love to take a comedy class” and so many other things and they just don’t do it. They just don’t and it makes no sense. One of my least favorite things is when people talk about money stopping them. Like biitch, you’re gonna be broke at home, so you might as well be broke and travelling. Even if you are PO’ you can travel somewhere. One thing I really can’t stand is when people give me advice. That sounds kinda rude, I guess, but it makes no sense to me. People who give you advice either A) never follow it or B) only tell you what they THINK they would do- no real experience to back it up (usually). The real pros just let you figure  things out on your own. They know that everyone’s different and we’re all on different paths, soooo how can they really give you advice?

Make it work. I can’t remember a time since I started working when I’ve had less than 2-3 jobs. When I was 17, I worked at a movie theater AND my parent’s business on the weekends. When I was in college, I worked for a catering company, a paid internship, AND the front desk of the dorms. When I graduated college, I worked as an office assistant for two different companies AND as a server. Even now, I’m teaching AND I work remotely for the Boys & Girls Clubs! AND  still manage to do all of these things! I love the quote that says, “Stop comparing your behind-the-scenes with everyone else’s highlight reel.” YES. I like to be pretty private about my life and if I didn’t tell people about my job in Korea or the fact that I support myself with different jobs (and sometimes a little help from my older sister- SHOUT OUT to Hanadi- you the real MVP of the Said family!), you would have no idea of the struggle, right? I could be like one of these fake Instagram people and ONLY post pictures of beautiful scenery and the good times. But I don’t because that’s not real. That’s the thing though. YOU would have no idea UNLESS I told you. AND SO MANY PEOPLE DON’T AND WON’T TELL YOU!

Anyways, long boring rant over. Just do you and remember, as long as you’re not hurting anyone else, that’s it. End of story. Don’t be a bum in life. Take your own amazing Instagram pics. Be open-minded, meet new people, and ADD things to your bucket list that you never even knew existed. BUT remember, the only way you’ll know about those things is IF you travel or take a new class or do ANYTHING that you wouldn’t usually do. The people I’ve met JUST because of traveling are amazing and they never fail to change my perspective of the world. They open my eyes to new ways of life and to different things I wanna see and do. They inspire me to never stop learning and looking for things I don’t even know I don’t even know! This isn’t a post to make you feel guilty about not traveling BUT it is a post to make you feel guilty about not living the life you think about all the time.

Korea is still Korea. It’s super beautiful right now and I think for once, I definitely understand what all the fuss about fall is. I’m not exactly surrounded by trees and nature in Chicago, so I’m actually noticing the beautiful color changes and really appreciating the weather! That’s about it though. My co-teacher- Agent Kay- got into a small argument with me this week because I wouldn’t give her a definitive decision on one of two boring activities she had planned for our class- scratch that- HER class. I literally said, “I really don’t care. They’re both the same to me…” And I told her to just choose whatever makes her heart happy and I would see her tomorrow  -___- . I finally confessed to my other co-teacher “Winnie” that Kay is so boring and I dread her class and she said, “I knew you would feel that way. We all think she’s too dry.”  I was going to laugh BUT then I remembered that I actually live that life every Friday so I stopped myself.

Thanks for reading this looooong rant and if you are in fact one of the people hosting a Scentsy party this week or still selling wraps (please stahp) or you work from home and “you’ve already beat the rush and finished Christmas shopping thanks to (insert BS here)” then good for you. I’m wrong, you’re right. Have a Mountain Dew to celebrate. I believe that is the drink of choice for people of your caliber. Also, please stop reading this blog and get back to WORK!

I still can’t let this go…Image result for just do it shia


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