“The Best is Yet to Come…I Think”

Currently sitting in my office. My co-workers are going to town cleaning the office. I’m sitting at my desk, using my peripheral vision to the max, willing them to sit the eff down and just join me in celebrating the fact that we don’t have classes today! This is maybe the 4 millionth time that they have just started randomly cleaning the office and sweeping all around me, while I just sit here, pretending my computer and I are one and as long as my monitor is turned on, I am NOT in the room…

Anyways, I am less than 3 weeks away from finishing my EPIK contract here in Korea- AGH! I still thoroughly remember coming to the three-month mark and planning my escape  -___-  Now that I’m almost to the end, I’m actually considering staying in Korea for a little while longer. The adjustment period in Korea took way longer than I expected (6-7 months!) but now I’m comfortable here and can navigate my way around-for the most part!

Observation: Why is it that when you are coming to the end of your time in a certain place, the coolest people start coming out of the woodwork?! It was the same thing in high school and college. The last days are when you meet the coolest people who have been there the whole time and your paths just never crossed. That’s what’s happening here in Korea. My terrible, horrible, no good, very bad co-teachers are, for the most part, GONE and now these cool ones that don’t suck up all the air around us are here and I’m out -____-

…But that’s life. So what am I going to do next? Here is where I’m at:

  1. Signing a contract at a private academy (hagwon) or some other type of teaching job here in Korea and saving up some more
  2. Heading over to Europe until the money runs out and just figuring it out after
  3. Going home to the best city in existence (I really shouldn’t clarify which city, but we all know it’s Chicago!)
  4. Finally making the move to New York-which is what I am leaning towards

After I got back from vacation and had my first real class, I was CONVINCED that there was no way I could stay another year and lesson plan and teach! But then I remembered that it’s because I am teaching with co-teachers, whereas if I was teaching in a private academy, there’s no one breathing down your neck and no co-teachers and in most cases, you don’t have to lesson plan. Praise him! But if I did get a new job, I don’t think I would stay for a whole year. Knowing that, I could definitely get through more time here.

Anyways, I know it’s completely last minute and I should’ve booked my tickets months ago, but my life has never worked that way! Everything is always last minute and somehow it always works out.

So many people are telling me to stay here and not worry about coming home, nothing’s changed, etc. BUT I always try to be mindful of not staying in the same place for too long! Believe me, you can live SO comfortably in Korea, once you get established here. They pay well, the work isn’t hard, and it’s actually pretty Westernized, compared to most Asian countries. When I started my job search a whole TWO weeks ago, I actually had places contact ME for work!  Dafuq?! In America, no one is getting contacted for jobs unless they are known in their field and even then, it’s rare! But something that always bothers me is when I get a change of scene and I get that feeling of, “WTF am I doing at my job? I’m wasting away!” Those moments always get me so motivated to work towards my goals. So I definitely am weary of staying here too long, only to take a trip back home and get hit with real life and pulled out of my Korea daze! Shooooot, just after typing that my hands are itching to head over to Google and  find flights to Italy and just say eff it!

I keep asking myself what I would do if the money wasn’t an issue. Aside from taking advantage of cheap cosmetic services here (laser hair removal, facials, LASIK) and wanting to save more money, I don’t know that I would stay in Korea! But then again, as romantic as it sounds, I don’t want to head over to Italy, live off of my savings, and wind up in the same position I was before I came to Korea- looking for a job in my field while working at a job that didn’t do much for me except pay the bills.

This is quite possibly the first time I have complete freedom and some money to do whatever I want! There are no classes I need or want to take (except for maybe a pasta making class taught by Vincenzo, whose family owns the pizzeria I live above, where I spend my days writing and getting paid trillions of dollars…) I already graduated from college, I don’t have kids or a house or even a single “a” to worry about! It’s actually kind of scary in a way because I don’t want to waste time…but I also do want to waste time…

Anyways, I didn’t write this so a bunch of people who do have the things I mentioned above can tell me what they would do if they were me. I don’t want to hear about being young and taking advantage of my situation because I’M the one who LITERALLY just told YOU I was in this situation! Let’s not be redundant! I just wanted to update people on what’s what. OH, if anyone has a villa in Italy that they’re not currently using, then send them my way! Other than that, thanks for still reading this and I hope to hear from you soo… Obviously, I’m still in professional email writing mode…Kay, bye.


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