“No, Seriously…Now What?”

If that isn’t the question of the hour, I don’t know what it is! “Now what?” INDEED! Since my last post, I finished up my teaching contract in Korea, went to Bali, came back to Korea, and now I’m back home in Chicago! I’m currently sitting in my niece’s neon pink room, pulling hard, plastic Smurfs toys out from under me, and applying for jobs- big stuff.

Full disclosure: coming home wasn’t exactly what I thought it would be. And neither was going to Bali, now that I think about it. Don’t get me wrong- Bali was a dream vacation and I am SO glad I decided to go, but after two weeks of taking in all the beauty and being able to spend without worrying about money because of how cheap everything is- something told me to get home. For some reason, I couldn’t sit there anymore not knowing what I was going to do next in my life. I wasn’t anxious or scared or anything like that. I was just excited to do something new. I’m DONE teaching English (although I do have a backup job in Korea all lined up JUST IN CASE) but I have no idea what’s next…

But, now that I’m home, Im also dealing with something that’s never been an issue for me- anxietyyyyyy. We all get normal bouts of anxiety, but this isn’t normal for me. I first noticed it on the plane over from Korea. My flight had an issue (coincidentally, it was United -___-) and then it was delayed and basically it was just taking forever to get home! Combine that with this weird bug/parasite that I picked up while in Bali that’s left me having to go or feeling like I have to go to the bathroom every 6 seconds AND also going through THAT time of the month and let’s just say the first few days have not been a great success. I’m living with my sister and her boo, while also making sure I put in time with my mom and family AND I’m unemployed and thinking of all of that stuff altogether can just be too much all at once! Never in my life have I not even had an inkling what the next step would be and this is the first time in YEARS that I haven’t had at least 2-3 jobs. That might be one of the harder things to deal with..Let’s be real- I am NO master saver and thoroughly enjoy LIVING life and that usually ends up with me not being careful with my money.

But, I don’t regret all the things I did in Korea. I do regret not preparing more for my return home BUT this just be that last step I need to push me to go to New York or to take some crappy job that makes me work even harder to accomplish my goals… all I know is I’m already reminded how much I HATE the resume/cover letter aspect of applying for jobs  -______-

Not exactly a funny post today, just an update! I know a few other people who have returned home have reached out to me about finding it weird/difficult being there so hopefully this helps them or someone in the future! PS- send those New York job openings/apartment vacancies MY WAY!