NYC <3 ?

ZAYUUUUUM!!!!! It’s been just about a year since I updated my blog. As some of you know, the last time I posted, I was dealing with reverse culture shock and anxiety after coming home from teaching English for a year in Korea- now I’m dealing with reverse culture shock and anxiety from living in New York.

I made the decision to move here with no job in place. Just a Facebook post looking to fill an extra room and the feeling of, “Welp, what else am I gonna do?” That was it. I moved in and started the job hunt. Six weeks later (and thanks to a bunch of tiny events coming together!) I had my first official job in television as a production assistant. I’ve been here for about eight months now and have learned so much. I think moving and living in New York is even harder than Korea was. For one, my roommate situation isn’t the best (since the best is having NO roommates!) and being really close to your dreams and working in the same realm, but still being so far from them is harder than not being near them at all (sometimes, at least)!

I plan on going way deeper into all of these topics over the next few weeks, but for now I’m just excited to have written this one thing. Writing has been hard lately, so this is a win! Talk to you sooooon! Thanks for reading this very shallow post haha!